THE CHARACTERS


 Bogaar is a one-time ordinary buffalo. His ambitions led him to transform into a mutant buffalo, bent on taking over Gondwanaland by force. He was a formidable foe.


                           THE WIZARD OF ZEE

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 The Wizard of Zee migrates to the middle of ancient Gondwanaland and settles in the Valley of Zam, on the banks of the Zandalushan River. Today the river is known as the Zambezi and the land to the north is now Zambia; to the south it is called Zimbabwe.

Late one afternoon 11 yr old Demki stumbles upon his domain. Zee is busy organizing the Spring Equinox Festival for shamans from across the continent and beyond.


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Demki wants to know what is 'out there.' What he finds amazes him.

He discovers that he is part of Nature.

And this leads to the most extraordinary adventures.



 Mhondoro has a special relationship with lions in the wild. He and Zee are close allies in combating the threat of War with Peace. He introduces the wizard to the local tribes-people and the myriad wild creatures in the Valley of Zam.




Kubulu is a naturally shy creature, but nothing misses his eyes. He hatches a plan to thwart the invasion of Gondwanaland by Bogaar, the Prince of Vulcana. Here he is flying off to execute the plan on behalf of the shamans in the Valley of Zam.



Cl, She is the Artistic Director of the forthcoming Spring Equinox Concert, as well as a musician. She lives at the Wizard's lodge  on the banks of the Zandalushan River.

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